Thanks to the materials evolution and production systems, today it’s possible to produce high quality O-Rings, constant in the time, in some cases, it allowed to the designer to substitute the sophisticated elements with the O-ring , and the O-ring became the most used element of static holding (in some cases dynamic). From the simplest applications to the most complex applications, our O-rings offer the warranty of performance that you are looking for.

With the O-rings diffusion, it was necessary an introduction of new sizes. Today, the market requires thousands of different combinations: diameters and cords. Our company offers you a range of infinite measures. From the smallest O-ring with the internal diameter of 1, 00 mm to the biggest, that, thanks to the innovative production system, it doesn’t put limits to the dimensions. If we add the possibility to choose among hundreds of different mixes with different colours, features and hardness, the possibilities are really infinite.

The continuous investment in the technology allows us to create a new production system to complete the range of measures produced by our company.
Internal diameter dimensions are practically INFINITE, purchase minimum value is low, and no costs for the moulds and short delivery times make this system an absolute novelty.