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In our web site at page “Documents” from main menu you are able to download daily updated stock list in Text and Microsoft Excel ® format.
Moreover it’s possible to use Search Engine to find quickly information you need, with “Search in stock” web application. You need to write dimension you need, or also international reference, you can select kind of material and you get shortly the list with quantity and sizes.O’rings Oring.
o'ring search stock for British Standard (BS) and metric dimensions

Now you can select one or more line and pressing “Enquiry”, send a mail message directly from here at our Sales dept. and for copy in your mailbox.

Term "2 Weeks" define delivery two working weeks for goods already available in our second production unit to arrive against Customer order.

Moreover selecting “details” you can view detailed bags quantity and send after a mail message.
o'ring detailed availability at stock and bags quantity
Please fill form with your reference, and our Sales dept. hope to replay as soon as possible.

Do you have iPhone® ? Get “Oring Stock” App for free!

We got our App for Apple iPhone® (starting from iPhone 3S) optimized for search in stock.
Easier, faster, always updated, and sure, free for our Customers.
Also here you can send an E-mail directly to our Sales dept.
With your iPhone go in Apple Store  and search for “Oring Stock”.

free iphone app for availability o'ring stock

Do you have Android® device ? Get “Oring Stock” App for free, too!

We got our App for Android® devices (starting from Android 2.3 “GingerBread”) optimized for search in stock.
Easier, faster, always updated, and sure, free for our Customers.
Also here you can send an E-mail directly for our Sales dept.
In your device, search for “Oring Stock” in Android Market (now changed with new name in “Google play”) or directly from here.

free android app for availability o'ring stock




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Tel: +39 035 838 294
fax: +39 035 838 963
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Stock Promotion
Since November 2012 we also put in the web the total quantity we have in stock at our second production unit marked with the indication of 2 weeks as they will be automatically sent to DUCI headquarters after receipt of customer orders so that we can send them in the next 2 weeks from order arrival.
OringOne - Endless possibilities...

oringone.jpgIn the year 2002 we started a study of a new production system for large size O-rings.

Documents Updated

We have received renewal for UNI EN ISO 14001 2004 downlod from here .

We yave updated our Declaration on Conformity download from here .

New PV installation in A.F.V.C. SRL (Sardinia)
It is completed on the roof of the company, a photovoltaic installation for a max power of 990 Kw.
Produzione di O-rings Stampaggio di O-rings Stampaggio iniezione di O-rings Stampaggio compressione di O-rings O-rings in NBR O-rings . O-ring O-rings in vmq Nitrile O-rings O-rings standard dichtungen seals