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Nowadays, the O-ring is one of the most banal elements, but at the same time it’ is the commonest.

So, this trimming, apparently insignificant, is an important organ for the functionality of complex systems.

You think about the car mechanical units that entrust their holding to a O-ring, or enormous engines that drive mercantile ships, which without the use of a O-ring couldn’t develop the necessary power or for example a valve that has to regulate the flux many times and entrusts to O-ring to not.

Infinite uses for a banal product, or almost banal.





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In our web site at page “Documents” from main menu you are able to download daily updated stock list in Text and Microsoft Excel ® format.
Moreover it’s possible to use Search Engine to find quickly information you need, with “Search in stock” web application. You need to write dimension you need, or also international reference, you can select kind of material and you get shortly the list with quantity and sizes.O’rings Oring.
ONORM B certification for EPDM 70 PEROSSIDICA M534 compound

DUCI SRL is pleased to inform all our customer about the recent CERTIFICATION ÖNORM B 5014-1:2016 obtained from TGM AUSTRIA on our EPDM 70 PEROXIDE CURED M534.

We are pleased to confirm you that we have implemented a new surface treatment in our Company and starting from now, we can also supply ORINGS in all kind of elastomer and fluoroelastomer with COLORED PERMANENT PTFE treatment, so not only semipermanent transparent PTFE surfaces but also PERMANENT BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW etc.
Feel free to send us your enquiries so that you can start testing our HIGH PERFORMANCE quality items.
DVGW certification for VMQ 80 RED M215 EN549 H3 E2

DUCI SRL is pleased to inform all our customers about the recent CERTIFICATION EN549 obtained from DVGW on our VMQ 80 RED M215 EN549 H3 E2.

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