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In our company the word QUALITY has many meanings. The product quality, the service quality, the quality, represents different aspects that allow us to sell not only the product but also the services attached to the product. In our company the quality is warranted by the procedures in conformity to the law ISO 9001:2015. We obtained the certifications IATF 16949:2016 to satisfy the qualitative needs of customers of automotive sector. An equipped complete laboratory, with instruments for mechanical and chemical tests, allows us to produce items with constant quality mixes. We can test in our laboratory :the hardness, the length and the charge to break, laceration, compression-set, rheometric tests, oils maturation, analyses TGA e IR and others analyses.

The main rules for a respectful production are the care and the respect of the ENVIRONMENT. Duci S.r.l. respects the saveguards procedures for the environment. All the polluted materials are continuously controlled, substituted and sold off according to the laws in force.
Our company is certificated in conformity with the environmental law ISO 14001:2015, we have the object to maintain intact the environment.

IATF 16949:2016



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Herewith it is with pleasure we are informing you our EPDM 70 PEROXIDE CURED M534 has just been also tested and approved 3A SANITARY.
For any queries or copies of the certificate feel free to contact our quality staff.
DVGW certification for NBR 50 M472 EN549 H2 B2

DUCI SRL is pleased to inform all our customers about the recent CERTIFICATION EN549 H2 B2 obtained from DVGW on our NBR 50 M472

Herewith it is with pleasure we are confirming you that in August 2016 our EPDM 70 PEROXIDE CURED M534 passed and gained officially USP88 CERTIFICATION for drinking water application.
This is will be the completation of the whole range of approval we got already on this compound, as NSF61, UL778, CLP, KIWA, WRAS, 3-A Sanitary standard class II, USP….
Our sales department will be pleased to get your RFQ to offer you very good prices for such material, for which we are focused to keep also large stock.
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